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Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Background notes: (mandarin version attached as the pictures) 1 "Ecossaise" is the French term for "Scottish". In 18th century France, the Scottish Dance was a kind of dance known by the upper class in France. Ecossaise in Eb, WoO 86, is one of Beethoven’s last piano works. 2 This piece was compsed in 1825 (classical period). 3 A lively and graceful dance, the whole song has a bright and happy mood.

Practice method 1 The safe span and the sense of shifting position can be practiced around the three flat key signatures. 2 During the short empty shots with the right hand, find the new position of the next phrase in advance, and complete the large-span shift as quickly and smoothly as possible to avoid the stress caused by the rush shift. 3 While the second note in the right hand is lighter, avoid the accent of the first note in the left hand. The connection between the left and the right should be even and smooth, which can make the music elegant.

Precautions 1 There are almost no explanation details on the score, so the player can learn through the changes in the musical atmosphere. 2 The two-measure and four-measure phrase division may be suitable for the first half of the song, and then later, the longer phrase gives the song a forward momentum. 3 The change in the length and intensity of the phrase becomes an element of surprise, which can keep the music fresh and impress the audience.

Ecossaise In Eb
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