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Piano Private Lesson

We have teachers for all ages, whether you are a beginner or professional, 4 years old or 80 years old, a jazz fan or lover of classical music. 

All our teachers are strictly handpicked according to qualifications, experience, results, and diversity. We welcome students who just want to learn the pieces they love or learn to write their own music, as well as advanced students and professionals. Our school has successfully prepared many students for entrance to the conservatories of Music, ABRSM exams of all levels, and for competitions, with excellent results.

You will receive high-quality teaching from your very first till your last lesson. If you have had music lessons in the past, then you will be more suited for our highly specialized PRIVATE lessons. 

​All our lessons are conducted in our spacious grand piano recital studio.

All of our students have regular opportunities to perform at our free candlelight mini concert, and at our annual Gala concert. These performance opportunities provide invaluable learning experiences and a chance to bond with fellow pianists. At the same time, gain more performance experiences for your exams and auditions. You might also discover some new music to learn!

Private Lesson: Lessons

Grand Piano Recital Studio

Our private piano and vocal lesson are conducted in our spacious and cozy grand piano recital studios. Studios are also available for exam recording and audition recording.

Private Lesson: Welcome
Piano Lessons

Why are we different?

The studio has many students encourage programs that aim to give students a sense of achievement and provide performance opportunities.

a. Monthly Challenge: each student is given a personalized goal each month and if the student achieves it, a badge will be awarded. This is regular program throughout the year. 2024 is Mario Theme.

b. Recitals: students are encouraged to participate in regular recitals hosted by Avocado Studio. These recitals can help boost students’ confidence. These events are by announcements.

c. Public Piano Challenges: students are encouraged to perform on a public piano and submit to the Studio video clips and get rewarded with gifts by the Studio. 

d. Performance classes: such classes are hosted for students to understand performance etiquette and learn how to appreciate music performances.

e. Annual Concert: the Studio hosts a relatively large concert at the end of each year in one of the prestigious venues for celebration. 

Private Lesson: Welcome


We understand that you need flexibility, so we try to make it as convenient as possible for you.

1. You may pay AFTER your 1st lesson, we collect the lesson fees at the beginning of each month based on the number of lessons.

2. For monthly payments, we only count how many lessons you have done, and there is no expiry date on your prepaid credits. 

(No refund can be issued once the payment is done.)

3. You may reschedule or cancel your lesson at no cost with a minimum of 24-hours notice in advance. If you cancel within this period you will be charged for the full lesson (except a MC is provided). In the unlikely event that we cancel your lesson, you will not be charged.

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