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Senior Instructor

Teacher Yuri has taught in different countries such as Korea, Germany, USA and Singapore. For every country that she has lived in, she shared her love of music with her students. She made many friends through her lifelong passion for music, inspiring and being inspired by them too. She would love to share her musical journey with her students and spread the power of music.

Yuri focuses on musicality and musical understanding. She helps her students to discover their own musical voice and to establish their own styles of playing. Her lessons are always creative and fun and that inspires and encourages everyone to continue to learn. Yuri believes everyone has the musical genes to become a pianist, a musician rather, of their own.

Yuri passed ABRSM grade 8 practical exam with distinction and Trinity ATCL with distinction. Yuri graduated from Seoul National University and has been teaching piano performance and music theory for over 7 years. Besides helping students in various levels of ABRSM practical and theory exam preparation, she also opens a door for her students to discover their own musical abilities and strengths in a friendly, relaxed and enjoyable manner. She also performs as a piano accompanist in the chamber.

Yuri: TeamMember
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