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Piano Kreativ Program

Premium Group Program (max 3 kids)

What is this world of the young beginner? It is fun, fantasy, and exploration. Playfulness, creativity, adventure, these drive the youngster’s learning. And the multi-sensory world of music makes a perfect context for such a playful adventure. 

​With the Orff Schulwerk Approach incorporated, our piano teacher offer kids a way to express your emotions and experiences - to convey feelings that are difficult to put into words. Getting the greatest possible enjoyment and fulfilment out of playing the piano: this is the final goal.

In this program, we can adapt our teaching routine and use child-centered technique activities that smoothly guide development of rhythm learning, music appreciation, pitch perception, hand structure, alignment of finger, wrist, and arm.. These skills progress most effectively with early-age exposure.

Course Schedule: 3 month (12 lessons)

Lesson Duration: 35 minutes

Form of Lesson: small group (max 3 kids)

Target: 3 – 4 year old kids

Group Lessons: About
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